ABACUS AND BRAIN GYM ACADEMY is an organization in the field of development of skills and attitude in children and makes learning a fun activity. This special program is for the children of 5 to 15 years. It helps children to overcome the fear of maths and makes them master it. Abacus mastery helps child to achieve a fully developed mathematical brain, clear and focused mind to take on the challenges of advances studies in fiercely competitive education universe. The basic requirement is knowledge of numbers from 0-9 at the beginning. ABACUS AND BRAIN GYM is one of India’s top devhandabacuselopment educational ventures today, with a wide network of learning centers.

ABACUS AND BRAIN GYM believes in bringing the best from across the world to their various learning centers. As the network grows ABACUS AND BRAIN GYM will become a one stop shop for learning skills and developing attitude for the young child.

The company values

  • Deliver high quality well researched products.
  • Integrity and transparency in processes and policies.
  • Customer delight by constantly looking ahead to improve processes and deliver them professionally.
  • Flexibility and dynamic a learning environment for new practices.
  • Make learning fun for all our students.