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Abacus & Brain Gym Academy organized a competition for children at Dehradun

Abacus & Brain Gym Academy, Dehradun organized the 4th district level Competition 2018 at S.G.N. Doon Vale Campus, Race Course, Dehradun on 30th June, 2018. The competition saw the participation of around 500 Children from different schools of Dehradun. The competition was inaugurated by Dr. Bhawna Lamba, Senior Associate Professor, UPES, Dehradun. Each student participating in the competition received a paper having 100 to 200 mathematics problems depending on their Abacus level. They got a time of 20 minutes to solve the question paper.

Prizes were given to the participants who stood Ist, IInd and IIrd in each level of the competition. In addition all the participants were felicitated with a medal and certificate.

Mr. Ritesh Lamba, Director, Abacus & Brain Gym Academy, shared that, it is heartening to see the participation of so many students at the competition. He further shared that, Abacus is globally recognized programme for overall brain development and mental arithmetic training. He further shared that Abacus stimulates whole brain development in children between 4 -15 years. Besides developing math skills, this program enhances Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination, and Creativity within a child. By undergoing this program, a child develops the power of Judgment, Application, Reasoning, and builds self-confidence.

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